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Beechworth Accommodation offers some of the absolute best in accommodation available in Beechworth and North East Victoria.

We offer 4 luxury homes & cottages located between 2 properties. All rated at 4-5 star quality.Both properties have much history linking Ned Kelly, and “wild” Isaiah Wright and Aaron Sherritt. Both are located right in the heart of town only 50-100 m from boutique shops, cafes and restaurants.
A total of 32 guests can be accommodated OR up to 11 couples all having their own private room.

Property 1: Kelly & Wright Luxury Accommodation is located at 56 High St, where once stood the Imperial Hotel. At this location Ned Kelly and Isaiah Wright fought 20 round bare knuckled over serving jail time for a stolen horse. Hence the property name.
The property offers 3 cottages/homes, Kelly House, Wright House and Pickett Cottage, together providing a total of 6 bedrooms with 6 en-suites, perfect for that large group.
With additional bedding, these 3 cottages sleep a total of 20 guests.

Property 2: Beeches on High located at 68 High St offers great couples, family or group accommodation. It is believed that Aaron Sherritt was a regular visitor to this property where his 16yr old wife to be “Ellen Barry” often stayed or once lived.
The home offers up to 5 rooms, 3 bathrooms & 3 toilets providing sleeping for up to 12 guests.

Both properties are ECO friendly with grid connected solar systems providing energy via Green power. Solar hot water is also connected to 56 High St supplying the 3 cottages up to 20 showers a day. As well as this, both properties have water tanks collecting rain water which services gardens and toilets.
We are confident you will enjoy your stay at any of the homes, each offers something different but ALL provide that unique and luxury quality that everyone is looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to bask in luxury, soak up some of that old-world, colonial charm, Beechworth Accommodation in Victoria is the right place for you. You can take a break away from your busy life, the concrete jungle and relax in the serenity of charming old homes. Take yourself back to a time long forgotten, when life was simpler and the air was fresh and clean.

At Beechworth Accommodation, we offer unparalleled luxury along with a bit of history and romance. We have cottages and homes that are ideal for those little getaways. Whether you’re here on a honeymoon, a family outing, a solo break, or for girls’ trip away, you’re sure to have the time of your life! At our luxury accommodation in Beechworth, you’re not restrained to one building or room. You can enjoy absolute privacy as you take a break.

Your little Private Retreat

Do you want to take your spouse out for a romantic weekend? Do you have time to spend away from the world just in the company of your loved one? Our Pickett Cottage is ideal for a couple. It’s a charming 19th century miner’s home that has all the modern trappings but retains its historical appeal. This eco-friendly cottage is a mere 50 metres from shops and boutiques that you can visit whenever fancy strikes you. If you’re looking for private, self-contained accommodation in Beechworth to spend a romantic weekend in, Pickett Cottage is just what you need.

Full Family Weekends at Beeches on High

If you want to spend time with your family and kids, our largest home, Beeches on High would blow your mind. It’s a large Victorian home that can easily house 12 guests. The mansion is old, built around 1870 with beautiful English gardens and a small creek meandering by. In this beautiful setting, you can spend an idyllic weekend or holiday. It has all the modern comforts but it’s a warm old home, tastefully decorated, rich with history and charm. If you’re looking for great Beechworth luxury accommodation for more than one couple or for a family, Beeches on High is the right choice for you.

Private Family Affair at Wright House

Wright House is the happy middle ground between Pickett Cottage and Beeches on High. It can comfortably house two couples and 2 to 4 children. It’s ideal for private family holidays that all your loved ones can enjoy. The home is beautifully constructed, drawing inspiration from the historical houses surrounding it, particularly from the Kelly House that sits atop. Bring your family in for a weekend and enjoy the utter serenity, the beautiful home, and the old-world charm.

The Intrigue of Kelly House

This house has an interesting history behind it. The home was originally called Glenwood, which was constructed in 1895. It was located in Berwick and was moved here to be a part of Beechworth Accommodation. It is the pick for a 3 couple getaway offering 3 queen rooms and 3 private ensuites. It can comfortably house a 4th couple with the addition of a sofabed which is serviced by a 4th toilet & powder room. It is full of history and intrigue. Every home has character and every experience here is unique. Leave all your cares behind and simply soak in the luxury and beauty of this place.

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