Holiday Accommodation in Beechworth

Relax in a Luxurious Holiday Accommodation in Beechworth

Are you planning a small vacation for your family or a second honeymoon with your spouse? Or maybe a quick trip with your friends? Beechworth is the ideal location for your needs and holiday accommodation in Beechworth is the ideal retreat.  It’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city every once in a while. A nice weekend break in a charming old town is just what you and your family might need. Beechworth transports you to another era and our accommodations reinforce the feeling. When you finally have time to take a break during the holidays, why not treat yourself to the best?

What’s Great about Holiday Accommodation in Beechworth?

Beechworth is a wonderful place to visit. It’s full for historical buildings, natural beauty, and small boutiques and shops. The entire vibe of this town is relaxed and laid back so it’s a great place to retreat too. Nestled in this charming town is Beechworth Accommodation. We have three different properties for you to choose from, all with their own history and unique story.

The Pickett Cottage – If you’re a couple on a romantic getaway

This small cottage has a single bedroom, en-suite and spa, and even its own small kitchen. It was a 19th Century Miner’s Cottage and is now a very popular luxury retreat for a couple looking to spend some quality time together. Like the town, the cottage also exudes an old world charm, complete with verandas and picket fence. As a holiday accommodation in Beechworth, this is an ideal place for couple, or even a solo traveller wishing to simply get away from a busy life for once.

Wright House – If you’re a small family on a break

With two bedrooms with en-suites and a rustic kitchen with modern appliances, you have all the comforts of home in a great setting. The house is new, but it is inspired by the old Kelly House. Designed to fit in with the town and with the other properties in Beechworth Accommodations, Wright House is a perfect getaway if you’re looking for someplace new to take your family to. The house can comfortably hold 8 people in warmly lit rooms. It also has an outdoor, covered dining area where you can spend time with your family, sampling some delicious food.

Kelly House – For an Intriguing Weekend

Kelly House has all the requirements for an excellent holiday accommodation in Beechworth. It’s an old house, built in 1895. It was moved to Beechworth in 2006 and sits above Wright House. It can comfortably house 8 people, though ideally accommodating a group of 3 couples each with their own private room and ensuite. The house stands on the property where the infamous Kelly and Wright fight took place back in 1874.

Beeches on High – For more than a Few

Beeches on High is our first and largest holiday accommodation in Beechworth and can comfortably house 12 people. You need look no further than here for Victorian charm and character. The home was built in 1870 and still retains its colonial appeal. For the ultimate private luxury experience, Beeches on High is the place to be.

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