Self Contained Accommodation Beechworth

Enjoy a Romantic Retreat at Self Contained Accommodation at Beechworth

Private retreats are hard to come by, with people forced to go to chain hotels, crowded 5-stars, etc, to spend their break. When you’re looking for privacy, you want to be away from the noise and the crowd. You want to spend time relaxing, want some space for yourself and your partner without interruption.

At Beechworth Accommodation, we offer just that. Enjoy complete privacy in the lap of luxury. You can spend memorable days doing nothing but having a great time, being pampered, and enjoying great food and wine. Our self contained accommodation in Beechworth is an unforgettable little corner of the world where you can create life-long memories.

Our Offerings

Two of our four properties are excellent for a private, self contained retreat. One or two couples or small families can easily reside here and have the time of their lives.

Pickett Cottage

Pickett Cottage is a 19th century Miner’s cottage that can easily accommodate four people but is ideal for a couple on a romantic retreat. It retains its Victorian charm, even though it has all the comforts of the modern age. You’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time when you visit this warm, charming cottage.

This self contained accommodation in Beechworth is very popular amongst couples who’re simply looking for a break from the world and just want to spend time with each other. Of course, being on 50m to shops, if you want to go out, you can walk through the beautiful old town and soak in the history that lingers in the air. There are many stores and boutiques not far from this cottage.

The Kelly and Wright Homes

While the Pickett Cottage is ideal for a single couple, the Kelly and Wright Homes are great for two or more couples or families. The homes have an interesting bit of history to them. The Wright Home, which sits at the bottom, is a newer construction eminating the Victorian charm which oozes from Kelly Home, which sits on the top.

The Wright Home can easily house 8 people and has several historical trinkets. It’s a beautiful, luxurious house that can be an intimate retreat for the entire family.

The Kelly House has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate 8 people. The home is old, having been constructed in 1895. Despite all modern conveniences, it’s retains its historical charm. This self contained accommodation in Beechworth is well-loved by couples with small families and even girls on a break from the city.

A Retreat Seeped in History

The homes are old, reflecting the architecture of the surrounding town. As a self contained accommodation in Beechworth, they offer a unique change to enjoy a break with unparalleled privacy and luxury. While you’re residing here, you can explore the town that’s a far cry from the tall, gleaming skyscrapers of the city. The town is full of old Victorian buildings and cottages, small shops and boutiques, as well as popular restaurants. You’ll fall a little in love with this place before you leave. It’s definitely worth repeated visits!

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